Your Chimney

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Your chimney is an intricate part of your fireplace. It creates draft to carry away harmful gases and protects you from fire. When inspecting your chimney open the damper take a flashlight and look up through the damper. What do you see? You should see a clear smoke chamber to the first flue. If there are, any blockages remove them and inspect. Look for cracked flues and creosote these should be cleaned and replaced if any of these conditions exist.

Now go outside and look at the external part of your chimney. The chimney should be solid. Look for cracks, look for spalling brick. Look at the concrete cap, it there is one, is it cracked, are there pieces missing that will allow water to penetrate the chimney. If any of these condition are present, have someone look at the chimney for repair. Prevention goes a long way in proper maintenance. Finally, if everything looks good should I put a sealer on the brick or blocks and the cap? I believe the answer is yes, a proper sealer will prevent some deterioration of many of the components of the chimney.